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Instagram Photostrips June 12, 2012

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Ever since I finally broke down and got myself a smart phone, I have been obsessed with instagram.  My eight year old son love getting his picture taken so what better way then to make some photostrips.

I first start with a blank template.

I then choose which four images I want to use. When you copy and paste your images into a new layer hit ctrl+t and hold down the shift button while you resize your image into the frames.  Mine came out like this.

The total size of the strip is 1.5 x 7.  I haven’t printed it out yet, but this is my final project.

Any questions feel free to ask. I may be making a template for three side by side. I had seen this idea at:  College Prep


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I am a single mom of a very active and busy fourteen year old young man. I work full time for the NYS Assembly. I love doing crafts and saving money. So I will be posting my ideas or ideas that I have found from one of my favorite sites Pinterest. I also am very savvy with a computer so I will be posting printables as well. I hope you enjoy my blog.
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