Popsicles, Recipes

Watermelon-Blueberry Ice Pops

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4th of July, Freebies, Printables

4th of July Pre-K Pack

I just saw this cute printable over at Over The Big Moon. I wish they had all these cute ideas when my son was born. He’s to old now for it but I figured I’d share it for those out there with younger children. Download the Free Printable Here

Dessert, Recipes

Lego Jigglers

I saw this and it look pretty cool to do. Especially for the kids that just love lego’s like my son.   Jiggler Recipe  

Desserts, Recipes

Jell-O Jiggers

I’ve been looking around and seeing some pretty cool ideas for Jell-O Jigglers. I’m going to start posting some but here’s the recipe for them.

Apps, Garage/Yard Sales

Garage Sale App

Over the weekend my son and I went garage sailing.  I figured I would put this new app that I downloaded to use.  The app I used was Yard Sale Treasure Map. It was surprisingly useful. It pulls posts from Google and Craigslist. You even have the option to navigate if your unfamiliar with the area, or like myself that has lived…

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