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Gel Pens Review August 3, 2016

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0617161007 I absolutely loved the Gel Pens Set, 48 Pack by Chalko – Non-Toxic, Water Resistant, Ink Pen Set.  I didn’t use them for coloring that I saw some people do. It’s not my tool of choice when I color. I used them while writing myself notes, at work, lists, etc.

They include:

CLASSIC – red, green, black, & blue.
PASTEL – peach, light orange, white, blue, pink, yellow, orange, & violet.
GLITTER– black, blue, red, green, violet, turquoise, yellow, orange, pink, brown, gold, & silver.
METALLIC – gold, silver, violet, pansy, red, orange, sea green, & blue.
NEON – yellow, blue, green, orange, violet, pink, red, & light orange.

They write so smooth and my son enjoyed them as well. I have been using them and I they haven’t dried up yet. Go get yourself some, even for back to school. My son used them at the end of school.

**This product was received either free or at a discounted price for my honest review**


Chefast Herb Scissors Set Review August 3, 2016

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0615161808a I have always wanted to try something like this. Cutting fresh herbs with a knife has always frustrated me so I always avoided them. The Chefast Herb Scissors Set – Premium Kitchen Shears with 5 Stainless Steel Blades – Multipurpose Herb Bags, Safety Cover with Cleaning Comb, Herbs eBook, and Stylish Box Included are amazing. When I was making Swedish meatballs I needed fresh parsley and I used these and it was quick and easy. Those are my two favorite words when it comes to cooking. The cover even doubles for cleaning out the blades. They are sharp so you have to be really careful. I’ve always been careful with anything sharp. I would definitely recommend these.

**I received this product either free or at a discounted price for my honest review**


Day Trips in Upstate New York July 27, 2016

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Since my son has become a teenager, it has become harder to find affordable things to do during the summer. He does go to a summer camp, but it’s only a few hours a day. Plus it’s pricey. So I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas for close trips. Every time I put in New York it always gives me NYC. As a New Yorker, NYC is not the same. There is a huge state. Upstate is beautiful. The state parks, hiking. It’s endless. So I’ve been trying to come up with ideas. I live around the Albany area so most things are within a few hours. I’m close to the border of Massachusetts too. Here are some of the places I enjoy.

State Parks



I will add more as I think of some. If you have any ideas please let me know.



Watermelon Slicer July 26, 2016

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0617160608 What can I say bad about the Premium Watermelon Slicer? Nothing really.  It was so easy to use. So much better then the “how to cut a watermelon” posts I’ve seen. All I did was cut my watermelon in half, I used the small one, and started cutting. I think it only took me 10 minutes, yes I said 10 minutes, if that to cut the whole melon. It wasn’t messy and it got to the bottom of the melon so all I had left was the outer shell. Definitely a kitchen gadget worth getting, especially if you eat a lot of melons. I would like to try this with honeydew and/or Cantaloupe. If you have tried something similar to this let me know if it actually works. I would love to hear from you.

I received this product either free or at a deeply discounted rate for my honest review.


Azure Goods Taco Holders Review June 16, 2016

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IMG_20160616_152136[1] Who doesn’t like tacos? I know I do. So when I got the Azure Goods Taco Holders  it made life so much easier. I could fill them up without the tacos falling over. My son loved them too. It says you can use them with hard shells, but we don’t eat hard shell tacos. Only to make a taco salad. I can’t wait to use them again. If you like kitchen gadgets, I would get these. They only come in a two-pack.

Disclaimer: I received this product either free or at a deeply discounted price for my honest review.


FREE Gaia Earthworks Dermal Mask Sample June 16, 2016

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freeearthworks All you need to do is scroll down the right side of the Gaia Earthworks page and fill out the form to receive your free sample mask. You have to love free.