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Parking….Why Can’t People… November 17, 2016

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howtoparkOk, I am not usually one to just rant. Now with the holiday season approaching, I swear, people are getting dumber. They don’t know how to drive nor how to park. This is a common occurrence in my parking garage at work. They cannot park between the lines. It’s not like it’s one thin yellow line, but two. I walked out to my car last night and had just enough room to back out. I don’t have a tiny car anymore. I have a Camry. It seemed like the domino effect. One idiot just made the whole line park like idiots. I have seen these before, but I wanted to make my own. I’m in my 30’s and I just don’t care what people think anymore.



I’m calling him or her Parking Snail.

[wpdm_package id=’2165′]

If you would like to use it go right ahead. I’m going to print out some today and keep them in my car. If you do end up using this at all I would love to see a picture. Ok, my rant is over for the day. I hope you enjoy your holidays!


Innovating By Design Watercolor Pencils Review August 15, 2016

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IMG_20160813_111706259 Now who doesn’t like to color? I know I love it. It’s so relaxing. Have you tried watercolor pencils? I never did and always wanted to try it. I love it. I used the Artist Grade Watercolor Pencils, Set of 48 Vibrant Colors from Innovating by Design and they color so nicely. I’m currently still working on my page and being a single parent of a teenage son I don’t get as much downtime as I want.

IMG_20160813_111730679_BURST001 IMG_20160815_080017880_HDR IMG_20160815_080206507_HDR

That’s what I have so far. From left to right: Before coloring, after just the pencil, and then finally after I used the water color brush on it.

When I’m done I will post the final product.

**I received this product either free or at a discounted rate for my honest review**


Free Coloring Pages August 7, 2012

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I would like to put together a list of free coloring pages. I know there’s a ton of them out there and I would like you to help me. I’ll add to this when I or you come up with some. All I need is a link and what type of coloring page it is.

1000+ Kids Coloring Pages

Color By Number Coloring Pages

Disney Coloring Pages

Sesame Street Coloring Pages


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