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Ancestry DNA…The Results Are In… January 23, 2017

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AncestryDNA The Results Are In

After a long two months, my results came in via email this morning. It has always been hard because I was adopted so I really didn’t know anything. I have to say going through AncestryDNA I now know a little more about myself.  This is how the results come in.

It will also show you if you have DNA in common with anyone else. I guess I have 216 4th cousins or closer. In order to really check it out you have to pay.

I actually found this really cool. It gives me something about me that I have no clue about. I purchased this test for $89 . I think it was worth it. Also if you are interested in trying this, go through my referral link and get 10% off.  If you have tried this before I would love to hear about it.

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