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25 PIECE Russian Icing Piping Tips Review August 15, 2016

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14052327_638780292966704_864532347_nThe 25 PIECE Russian Icing Piping Tips  wasn’t to bad. I did like all the tips it came with and the reusable bag, but I had an issue using the bag. I’m not sure if it’s the frosting I used or what, but it didn’t come out right. I may try a different frosting the next time around when I’m baking more in the fall and winter. I will post any updates if that was the issue or not.

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Innovating By Design Watercolor Pencils Review August 15, 2016

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IMG_20160813_111706259 Now who doesn’t like to color? I know I love it. It’s so relaxing. Have you tried watercolor pencils? I never did and always wanted to try it. I love it. I used the Artist Grade Watercolor Pencils, Set of 48 Vibrant Colors from Innovating by Design and they color so nicely. I’m currently still working on my page and being a single parent of a teenage son I don’t get as much downtime as I want.

IMG_20160813_111730679_BURST001 IMG_20160815_080017880_HDR IMG_20160815_080206507_HDR

That’s what I have so far. From left to right: Before coloring, after just the pencil, and then finally after I used the water color brush on it.

When I’m done I will post the final product.

**I received this product either free or at a discounted rate for my honest review**


Circuit Maze Board Game Review August 5, 2016

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0617161720When I got the Circuit Maze Board Game I didn’t know what to think, but when my son started playing 0617161720awith it he loved it. He went though the cards and even made up his own logic for me to solve. There needs to be more games like this. You can literally just sit for hours and do so many different combinations. I have always loved games to make you think. Better then just sitting in front of the T.V., computer, video games, tablet or any other electronics they have out. If you have a kid that is logical or your logical yourself, then I would recommend this game.

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Maestro of Comfort ★Eco-friendly Fruit & Vegetable Tools Set Review August 5, 2016

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13694895_1724613554472804_1158935177_n I have nothing bad to say about the Watermelon Slicer Corer & Server Tongs . We love melon is the house. This made is simple and fast. I usually get the small watermelon and it went through great. So much easier then the How to easily cut a watermelon. That doesn’t work and I get frustrated. If you like easy I would consider getting this.

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Rio 2016 Olympics Craft Ideas August 5, 2016

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Who else will be watching the Olympics starting tonight? I usually try, but this year I did download the app on my Fire TV so if I miss it I can still watch it. Not the same live but I will still be able to. Here is a list of pretty cool craft ideas that I have found.


The Story of the Olympic Rings with Free Printable

Olympic Torch

Mapping The Olympics

Rio Free Coloring Page

Summer Olympics Wordsearch

Make Your Own Gold Medal


15 Free Olympic Printables

Summer Games Rio 2016 Flip Book and Activities


Plastic Spoon Olympic Wreaths



IceWabanga Ice Pop Molds Review August 4, 2016

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0803160610 I just recently got these IceWabanga Ice Pop Molds. They are amazing. I have to say 0803160622they are the best molds I have used and I’ve gotten a couple different ones. I made the type of pops I wanted. I did a sorta orange creamsicle. I just mixed a little of my vanilla greek yogurt with some orange juice. I don’t know the exact measurements but made it loose enough to pour. I haven’t used the push pop ones yet though.

They came out so easy. Some of the molds I’ve used in the past I had to run under hot water, but these you just wiggled and they popped right out. So my frustration level was a zero. Something I will definitely use while it’s still hot out.


If you’re looking for a good pop mold this is the one. Plus it’s dishwasher safe. I wash stuff like this by hand but if you’re feeling lazy you can throw it in the dishwasher. I know I will at some point myself.

**This product was received either free or at a discounted price for my honest review**